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Hi, I'm RAIA or VICIOUS, whichever you prefer! And I have a thing for main vocalists.

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131226 Tao’s Weibo DP and Bio update

"During the times when I’m feeling bothered or exhausted, there’s someone who can console me and accompany me by my side, while holding my hands and telling me "It’s okay,Tao-ya". During those times, it feels like everything just vanished into thin air. Thanks, mom.

note : by mom, he meant suho

what puppy sees, puppy does

mocido not edit!


Studio Salimbal's art topic “Philippine themed magical girl”

her theme is a combination of Sampaguita (national flower) and Pearls. with her whip resembling the look of both pearl necklaces and sampaguita garlands

hoseok practicing his english until namjoon ruined everything ¬_¬


Had to post more of these because HAVE YOU SEEN THESE SHOES. (x)

 ♡ handsome jongdae 
Jjong’s confession(?) on Blue Night

"I often get asked why me and Taemin’s room is so organized. I’m here to say that it’s all thanks to me. He never picks up after himself. You’re welcome, Taemin-ah."

trans cr: me